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▪ Plate material on the material, processing line diameter within 16mm workpiece, NICE sales is NO 1;

▪ Use imported high speed motor, 2D or 3D steel wire forming production speed , good consistency, durable;

▪ The wire straightening seat uses calibration straightening mode. After the wire is straightened for the first time, it only needs to be fine-tuned according to the calibration when replacing the material next time.

Eccentric pressing mechanism of straightening seat, easy to change the material, with the line diameter material only need to be pressed to the same position, easy to change the material;

▪ Install the decoder on the wire feeding wheel, the wire feeding accuracy can be up to 500±0.05mm;

▪ Straightening wheel: the range is 2-7mm and 8-12mm V-type straightening wheel, the use of bearings made in Japan, straightening stability, long service life;

Whole wire coil: it can be used within 5mm to complete the wire, reduce the twisting of the wire and improve the production stability.