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Through type shot-blasting machine
Detailed information

Working principle:

The thrown workpiece is put into the fork one by one, and the workpiece is pushed into the cleaning room through the fork. In the process of the workpiece moving, the roller table where the workpiece is placed is also rotating to ensure that the workpiece moves forward under the condition of constant rotation. When the workpiece reaches the projection position, two high-speed rotating shot blaster will throw the projectile respectively to form a fan-shaped projectile beam, which will strike the workpiece surface uniformly to achieve the purpose of strengthening.

Equipment features:

▪ Q235 housing, the body adopts laminated hanging + bolt locking type double wear resistant manganese steel guard plate, easy to replace, greatly improve the maintainability;

▪ Single position roller blasting, frequency conversion speed regulation, optional robot to realize automatic loading and unloading;

▪ Japan imported conveying chain with a connecting panel to ensure the spring conveying, but also to avoid direct contact with the steel shot chain, improve the life of the chain, the whole conveying using frequency converter speed regulation;

▪ Mitsubishi electric system, man-machine interface with 10 inch color screen touch control, 3D animation guide prompt, powerful function.