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X-ray residual stress analyzer
Detailed information

▪ Full two-dimensional surface detector, no goniometer, no liquid cooling, more convenient measurement

▪ 60 seconds for faster and more accurate measurement

▪ X-rays from a single Angle (usually 35°) can be tested in one incident for faster measurement

▪ Two-dimensional detector collects 360° diffraction data at one time and obtains complete Debye ring

▪ Up to 500 data points for residual stress data fitting with more accurate results

▪ The whole machine does not need to rotate in the test process, and the test is no longer limited by the sample shape

▪ Lightweight (the whole machine weighs 8.6 kg), battery-powered, truly portable, outdoor engineering in situ detection becomes easy and feasible

▪ Built-in CCD camera and laser-assisted positioning system make sample positioning easier

▪ Automatic software to measure residual stress, half-peak width, residual austenite and other data

▪ Unique Debye ring data can be extended to analyze material texture and grain size

▪ Low power, low radiation, safer to use

▪ Easy to operate and low maintenance