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Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Angular Contact Ball Bearings are mainly used in oil pumps, air blowers, air compressors, various types of transmissions, Cycloidal reducers, food packaging machinery, spindles, high frequency motors, gas turbines, centrifugal separators and other industries.

Detailed information

The angular contact ball bearings vary in designs with single row, double row and four-contact structures. The bearing can support combined radial and axial load, the larger of the contact angle, the larger axial load capacity.

Single row angular contact ball bearings have 7000C series (∝=15°), 7000AC series (∝=25°) and 7000B series (∝=40°), which are all non-separable designs. The shoulder on one side is designed with lower height, thus, more rolling elements can be incorporated to increase the load capacity.

Double row angular contact ball bearings are structurally similar to a pair of single row angular contact ball bearings with contact angle of 30° arranged in back-to-back arrangement, therefore, it can accommodate radial load, axial load from double directions, as well as combined loads.

The four-point contact ball bearings have a contact angle of ∝=35°, the bearing features with two pieces of axially separable inner ring, thus it can support radial load and axial load from both directions, and usually used as location bearing in bearing arrangements.