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All-electric left and right rotary tube benders
Detailed information

Software features:

▪ Control procedures built in Window7 system /PC Based control;

▪ Industrial computer with 17 "touch screen;

▪ Intel Dual Core 2.3g or above/USA

Remote service function /8G USB automatic backup of customer edit files / 120GX2 hard disk system backup;

▪ YBC program data inversion/mirror function;

Arc length calculator/r-angle calculator;

▪ For each axis, adjust the speed of 100 sections as required;

▪ YBC total length automatic calculator, workpiece production time is provided;

▪ There are many different processes to choose from to help users overcome different applications of the workpiece;

▪ Workpiece scheduling software, can arrange 4 different shapes of workpieces in automatic production, the computer will be in order to produce;

▪ There are two feeding forms of plate material and straight material for customers to choose.

Advantages of 3D simulation:

▪ The bending data can be X, Y, Z three-dimensional coordinate value or Y, B, C actual processing value directly into the computer, automatically generate 3D pipe fitting, product 3D simulation, avoid interference, reduce the test pipe fitting;

▪ Can directly read 2D (DWG) or 3D (IGS, STP) drawings to generate the shape of pipe fitting, no programming, only fine tuning can meet the product requirements;

▪ Process software: it can arrange every action of the equipment according to the requirements, overcome a variety of interference and improve production efficiency.

Mold features:

▪ The mould adopts Japanese SKD11 material;

▪ Vacuum heat treatment after mold processing;

▪ Mold surface shot peening treatment;

▪ Mold split type, can be dismantled single-layer;

▪ Mold quick assembly (locating pin + dovetail groove).